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07 Aug 2017
by kenneth.m

CombiSave gains WRAS accreditation renewal



Teddington, makers of the award-winning CombiSave, has announced that WRAS, the Water Regulation Advisory Scheme, has renewed its accreditation of the energy saving combi-boiler efficiency valve for a further five years.

The thermostatically controlled valve, which is low cost to install and can be fitted within minutes, improves combi-boiler efficiency and significantly reduces water waste.

The CombiSave works by automatically restricting the flow of water every time a hot tap is turned on allowing the boiler to heat the water faster with the valve fully opening once the water reaches the correct temperature. In turn it also reduces the carbon footprint of the property.

As well as reducing the amount of water used in the heating process, saving approximately 28,000 litres each year for a typical two-person household, it also means less gas is used and reduces the time it takes for hot water to flow out of the tap.

Kenneth Maxwell, sales manager at Teddington, said: “We’re very pleased to have received this renewal which endorses the CombiSave. The product, which retails for approximately £50, can repay itself within a year on reduced water and gas bills and is easy for any plumber to retrofit as part of their routine boiler servicing.”


11 Jul 2017
by kenneth.m

Why wait for hot water? CombiSave can help



From running a shower and rinsing the dishes to washing hands and taking a bath – hundreds of millions of litres of water are wasted every day as people turn on their hot tap and wait for the water from a combination boiler to reach a useable temperature.

Kenneth Maxwell, sales manager at CombiSave manufacturers Teddington Appliance Controls, looks at the merits of fitting thermostatically controlled valves to improve the efficiency of combination boilers and to reduce energy costs.


Research has shown that up to eight litres of water can be wasted every time someone turns on a hot tap and waits for the water to reach the required temperature.

With more than 60% of the UK’s 27 million households now using a combi-boiler, that means hundreds of millions of litres of water unnecessarily goes down the plughole every day.

In the correct circumstances, thermostatically controlled valves can prove effective in helping to significantly reduce water wastage as well as lower gas usage by controlling he flow of cold water until the desired temperature is reached. The result can be lower bills for the householder and less time waiting for hot water to appear.

Independent testing has shown that such devices can save households anywhere up to 30,000 litres of water a year – depending on the number of people living in the home and how much water they use in general.

Operation and installation

The valves are easy to fit. In most cases installation should take no longer than 15-20 minutes as it is simply a case of inserting into the boiler’s hot water outlet pipe. Ideally this should be within 500mm of the boiler – although distances can vary depending on the valve used.

Before fitting the valve it is important to:

  • Check the minimum flow and pressure are correct
  • Ensure the boiler will pass the maximum flow rate +/- 10%
  • Check the boiler operates correctly at the minimum flow rate
  • Ensure there are no existing leaks on the pipework

DSC03585 (1)

After fitting, turn on the water supply and bleed the hot water system before reinstating the power. Check the installation for leaks and ensure that all hot water outlets are working correctly.

When the hot tap is turned on the valve should restrict the flow of cold water (usually to around 2.5l/min – 3l/min). This can be checked by using a watch and placing a measuring jug under the chosen tap.

Once water has reached the predetermined temperature the valve opens fully – allowing water to be delivered to the tap at normal flow rates.

Briefing the householder is therefore essential. It is normal that they will notice a reduction in flow when they first turn on their hot water tap or shower. The device is holding back the water to a lower flow until it reaches the desired temperature.

It is also worth checking that the valve’s bypass flow rate has been set correctly. If the boiler fails to fire when another tap or outlet is running, the rate is likely set too low. If the water runs intermittently slow and fast/hot and cold, then the cold water flow through the boiler is too high.



Although suitable for most combination boilers, there are some models for which such thermostatically controlled valves may not be appropriate. For example, those that already incorporate a water saving device and those with an inbuilt thermal store. If the householder has an older boiler then the benefits may also be minimal.

For best results, it is also recommended that the boiler’s pre-heat function is switched off. At first glance, pre-heat appears to be a good solution to reducing water waste because it minimises the waiting time for hot water. However, most water efficiency valves act as a pre-heat replacement so the function is unnecessary.


There are significant potential savings for householders – although these will vary depending on their individual circumstances. For those on a water meter and with a long hot water run for example, valves of this type can prove very cost effective, paying for themselves within a year or less by helping to reduce water and gas bills.

For helping to improve boiler water efficiency they should certainly be considered, with the potential to save 10,000s of litres of water a year.

03 Jul 2017
by kenneth.m

CombiSave can help housing associations to reduce carbon footprint



A new version of the award-winning CombiSave has been launched to help housing associations improve efficiency.

CombiSave for housing associations

The small, thermostatically controlled valve can be fitted to most combination boilers and helps to reduce waste – helping housing associations across the UK to meet their environmental goals, while at the same time benefiting tenants through reduced utility bills.

The CombiSave can be installed in minutes and automatically controls the flow of water every time a hot tap is turned on, allowing the boiler to heat the water faster and only returning the flow to normal once a useable temperature is reached.

Independent research by consultants EA Technology, based around an International Boiler Test Standard, has shown the CombiSave can save an average of 27,756 litres of water a year for a typical two-person household.

A little over 600 kWh of energy is also saved in the heating process, reducing COemissions by 130kg a year.

When converted to current price tariffs this equates to savings of £23.22 a year for gas and £49.40 a year for those on a water meter. The time it takes for water to heat up is also reduced by almost half.

Kenny Maxwell, Sales Manager at Teddington, which manufactures the CombiSave, said the benefits for housing associations could be far reaching.

“The CombiSave is a small and straightforward answer to helping improve water efficiency and sustainability – but it could have a wide ranging, positive impact for housing associations across the country,” he said.

“Fitted in 50,000 homes it could save the equivalent to a whole reservoir of water every year, as well as reducing CO2 levels by 6,500 tonnes.

“It represents a relatively simple, cost-effective opportunity for housing associations to reduce the carbon footprint of their overall portfolio while at the same time helping tenants to save money on their utility bills.”

CombiSave is recommended by both the Water Regulations Advisory Scheme (WRAS) and Waterwise. It retails at £49.50 including VAT and will not affect a boiler’s existing warranty.

03 Mar 2015
by Julian Furbank

New CombiSave Packaging and PoS Units Launched



CombiSave the award-winning eco innovation, which reduces the amount of gas and water used in a combination gas boiler’s initial heating process – saving householders money, time and reducing CO2 emissions, has been re-launched with new; packaging, two POS units and promotional support items…

CombiSave-POSOriginally launched in 2010, CombiSave’s packaging has been redesigned in either box format or a blister pack. The packaging complements two new and free* branded point of sales displays – either a countertop or free standing display. The new Free Standing Display Unit (FSDU) includes a leaflet dispenser and incorporates a mains powered DVD player which runs a promotional video, demonstrating the key features, benefits and advantages of fitting a CombiSave.

An ongoing installer and consumer promotional campaign is supporting the launch via the website, social media and public relations. New distributors are required to place a minimum of six orders per year, with a Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) of 100 units.

The thermostatically controlled CombiSave valve is simple to install – it takes a professional plumber or heating engineer less than twenty minutes to fit – offering installers great earning potential or additional earnings to routine service visits. Householders can save up to six litres of water each time the tap is turned on from cold – saving an average household up to 30,000** litres of water per year. Plus, savings on gas and a shorter waiting time for water to heat up each time the tap is turned on.

CombiSave was designed in Britain by Furlong Innovations and is manufactured in Cornwall from the finest quality engineered components in de-zincification resistant brass by Teddington Appliance Controls – a global leader in the design, development and manufacture of quality pressure, temperature and flow rate control products.

For further information on stocking CombiSave contact Account Manager, Kenny Maxwell on +44 (0) 7860918041

*subject to minimum purchase unit numbers
**Figures are based on independent tests by EA Technologies.

08 Dec 2014
by Julian Furbank

CombiSave Makita Job Site Radio Winner


Congratulations to Craig Gale from Billingshurst on winning the Makita Job Site Radio prize draw on the CombiSave Facebook page. Craig works for British Gas he was presented with his prize by CombiSave’s account manager Kenneth Maxwell.

05 Dec 2014
by Julian Furbank

Belfast Heat and Plumb Show



CombiSave, an award-winning eco innovation, which reduces the amount of gas and water used in a combination gas boiler’s initial heating process – saving your customer’s time and money, whilst reducing CO2 emissions – is being launched at Belfast’s Plumbing and Heating Trade Show.

Belfast H&P show

The award-winning CombiSave is now available from PTS

PTS, the sole distributors for CombiSave in Northern Ireland will be showcasing the CombiSave retrofit product on Stand 18/19. There will also be seminars during the show demonstrating just how easy it is to fit. Seminar attendees will receive a £5.00 redeemable voucher against a CombiSave purchase on the PTS Stand 18/19. The PTS’ distributorship announcement follows the recent appointment of NDi as agents representing CombiSave manufacturer Teddington Appliance Controls Ltd and the CombiSave product in both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

Save your customer’s time and money, whilst reducing CO2 emissions

CombiSave is a thermostatically controlled valve that is designed to fit on the hot water outlet of a gas combination boiler that reduces the amount of gas, water and time waiting to bring water to required temperature. CombiSave will save up to six litres of water each time the tap is turned on from cold – saving an average household up to 30,000* litres of water per year, plus of course the gas savings on a shorter run-time each time the tap is turned on. (*Figures are based on independent tests by EA Technologies).

Adding value to older gas combination boilers

The CombiSave is suited to fit, and will still demonstrate savings on many new ‘A’ rated boilers, whilst households with older boilers will benefit the most. Payback once a CombiSave has been fitted in an average household should be well realised within the first year making it the perfect retro fit product that offers added value to both your customers and the environment.

Install in less than 10 minutes

CombiSave costs less than £40 and installation is simple. It is fitted with two rotatable elbows which allows for easy fitting to a range of 15mm pipe configurations. All nuts and olives required for fitting are supplied along with a fitting guide and instructions Fitting time is less than ten minutes by a professional plumber or heating engineer visit; and there are no on-going running costs.

Installers can find out more about CombiSave on the PTS stand 18/19 and at the show seminars. For further enquiries please contact CombiSave’s agent: Norman McNaught at NDi email: Tel: +44(0)7980 983 708.

06 Jun 2014
by Combisave

New Website

We’ve made some slight tweaks to the combisave site, ready for lots of interesting content on saving water, saving gas and saving money!

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