Frequently Asked Questions

The CombiSave has been designed to be as simple to fit as possible. It is also a ‘fit and forget’ device, meaning once it has been installed, you need not worry about maintenance bills. Here are the most popular questions we have been asked about installing and using the CombiSave.

Can I install CombiSave in low water pressure areas?

Daily water demand can fluctuate causing variable water pressures at peak periods, particularly in flats and in built up areas. A simple way of simulating low water pressure is to flush the toilet and whilst the CombiSave is cold, turn on a hot tap and ensure the boiler ignites. Refer to installation instructions for minimum pressure requirements and setup procedure.


Are there any Combination boilers where CombiSave is not currently recommended for use?

Yes. Boilers that already incorporate a water saving device such as Potterton Puma, combination boilers with built in storage e.g. Glow-Worm extra max, and boilers with inbuilt thermal store e.g. Worcester Highflow.


Can we install CombiSave on boilers with a pre-heat function?

Although CombiSave is compatible and works well with pre-heat systems, to maximise savings it is recommend that where possible, the pre-heat function is turned off.However, there are boilers like the Ideal ISAR where this is not possible and therefore a CombiSave would not be suitable. When a Combination boiler is used with the pre-heat function turned on, it is not as energy efficient.


Why can’t you just turn down the hot water tap?

It is widely acknowledged that Water Utilities have tried to influence the behaviours of customers to reduce unnecessary water use. Even the most regimented and disciplined household will probably not achieve the savings that CombiSave can bring.CombiSave has been developed so that the end user does not have to change their behaviour to allow significant household savings.

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