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The CombiSave is a thermostatically controlled valve made from de-zincification resistant brass. It is fitted with two rotatable elbows, which allows ease of fitting to a range of 15mm pipe configurations. All nuts and olives required for fitting are supplied along with a fitting guide and instructions.

By controlling the flow of water during the initial firing process, the CombiSave accelerates the heating of water and reduces the amount of fuel needed in the process. The CombiSave can even be fitted to older models, so it’s a great way of making your home more energy efficient without buying a brand new combi-boiler.

When the hot tap is turned on, the CombiSave reduces the flow of water until it has reached a set temperature. At this point, the valve opens fully and allows the hot water to flow throughout the system. The CombiSave will save an average of 8 litres of water every time the tap is turned on from cold.

Technical data

For more information on the technical data, fitting information and how the CombiSave works, click on the CombiSave in action link below. If you have a question or query about the CombiSave, check our frequently asked questions section using the link above.

Pressure range 0.2–10 bar
Maximum inlet water temp 85°C
Temperature calibration range 40–50°C
Maximum outlet flow (at 6 bar) 25l/min
By-pass flow adjustment (at 6 bar) 0.5–4l/min
Pipe size (inlet and outlet) 15mm
Boiler type Combination
Mass (complete) 499g
Body material Brass
Nuts and elbow material Brass
Olives material Copper
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